• Wine route in the Baix Empordà

    The Costa Brava is a place that keeps wines of great value that you cannot miss. The Empordà is an area with an ancient wine-making tradition due to its climate and location that dates back to Roman times.

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  • Gastronomy of the Empordà

    The Costa Brava, due to its history, we find a cookbook of incredible dishes that are decades old. From the "mar i muntanya", the "escaixada", the "peixopalo" or the "cim-i-tomba". If you visit the Costa Brava, do not forget to taste the traditional cuisine of the Empordà.

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  • Beaches and coves

    The Costa Brava is known and appreciated for the beauty of its coves and beaches that form idyllic landscapes. Each town has a large number of coves, one more authentic than the other. We want to propose and recommend you some of the most beautiful that you do not miss any.

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